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In 2022, contact VisaConnect's specialist Consultants, together with our partner Portugal Fund Manager's and Portugal Lawyers, by telephone or complete the online Form or visit us in our offices in Brisbane, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and London, UK, for advice and assistance with your Portugal Golden Visa to obtain a Portugal Residency Permit!

Open Portugal Bank Account

Millenium BCP Bank - Portugal Golden Visa

VisaConnect's Consultant's and our Portuguese Lawyers can assist in the opening of your Portugal bank account, as a foreigner. Opening a Portugal Bank account is the first step before subscribing to the Investment Fund. See details of the main Portugal Banks below:

Bank Account Application for Portugal Residence Permit

Portugal Golden Residence Permit
Clients can open bank accounts as Foreigners, with the assistance of their Portuguese Lawyer. through signing a Power of Attorney. One bank that is suitable for Portuguese residents is N26.

During the Bank account registration, Investors will be asked to provide the following information and documents:
The Bank will request Client investors to respond to standard Anti Money Laundering (AML) questions, including:

Funds Subscription Assistance - Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Fund - Tax and Fiscal Advantages

VisaConnect's Consultant's in co-operation with various Fund Managers and Portugal Lawyers, and we can advise and assist Investors, with the Fund Subscription Process, including the following:

Documents for Fund Subscription

Portugal Funds Investment Process Timeline
The Investor/Client must provide their Portugal Lawyers with the following supporting documents for the purpose of the Fund Subscription:

Approved Funds, in 2022 - Portugal Golden Visa

Fund Investment Costs vs Residential Investment Costs

VisaConnect's Consultants can assist and advise with the following top 10 Performing Funds - Fundo de Capital de Risco, which are regulated and supervised by the CMVM - Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (Portuguese Securities Market Commission), and eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa, and are also Funds, which accept US citizens:

BlueCrow Growth Fund

BlueCrow Growth Fund Portfolio - Portugal
Investing in a diverse, risk limited and higher return portfolio in an effortless process. Investment portfolio comprises Agricultural Assets, Industrial Assets and Leisure and Hospitality Assets. The Growth Fund objective is maintenance and optimization of the current portfolio, and improve profitability of the existing portfolio companies. Investments are decided and monitored by BlueCrow professionals, with no additional cost. The Asset classes are selected with the minimum risk of yield distribution. Main Focus: Asset price stability. Historical gross yield is 6.4%. The Fund is partnered with Millenium BCP Bank, Mazars Auditors, and regulated by CMVM. The Minimum Participation is €52,500, and the Fund size target is €70 Million. Setup fee is 5%, Management fee is 1% and Performance fee is 10%.

Odeon Private Equity Fund

Odeon Private Equity Fund Portugal - Projects
Odeon Private Fund will invest in companies that will hold one asset each. The fund will include 3-6 projects in prime locations with market upside, including Restaurant Theatre - Prime Avenue, City Centre, Hotel 5 Star - Prime Avenue, City Centre amd Residential Villas in Lisbon city centre. A solid portfolio with Golden Visa eligibility and attractive profits. Major benefits of the Odeon Private Fund include: 1. Fund Manager and Fund Advisor both with solid experience in fund creation, management and delivering performance; 2. A transparent and conservative fund with a clear business strategy and a confident 11% target return on investment per year, including 4% annual target coupon; 3. Diversified fund of prime projects focused in the safest investment segment: Real Estate; 4. 1 fund with 4-7 projects in Lisbon to maintain focus, quality and insure profitability; 5. Assets acquired at competitive values initiate the business model baseline; 6. Golden Visa eligibility along with capital preservation and feasible returns on investment are at the heart of the strategy.

New Edge Fund

New Edge Fund Portugal - Structure
The New Edge Fund comprises up to 40% Bonds and other equivalent Assets, with Risk mitigation by active management, Full liquidity, and almost null volatility. In addition, New Edge Fund comprises 60% in Companies focused in Core Real Assets, with risk mitigation due to Core Real Asset Guarantees, Unique Track-record and Valuation and Soft Exit / Divestment. The Investment Adviser is WT Group and the Fund is managed by Quadrantis Capital - a Portuguese venture capital management company, established in 2014, that promotes investments in sustainable markets capitalizing on the strong track-record of its team. The Fund's exclusive focus is Capital Preservation, with up to 6% Overall return, distributed at Redemption.

Portugal Opportunities Fund

Portugal Opportunities Fund - Projects Portugal Opportunities Fund (POF) is a Venture Capital Investment Fund focused on Real Estate Opportunities, targeting highly attractive, high-end projects and opportunities with a medium risk/ return investment strategy. It was designed by the Fund Manager - Quadrantis Capital, in partnership with major experts in the target Real Estate sub-sectors, which sit as specialized advisors in its Advisory Board. With this approach, POF ensures a strategy in the market which is fully independent from market players, promoters or its investors and the investment term is 7 years. Areas of Investment are: Hospitality, Top Tier Residential Real Estate and Student Housing. The Fund manager is experienced with a good track-record, and has launched it’s first investment fund in 2018, in the area of Energy Efficiency, and in 2020 launched 3 other specialized VC Investment Funds, partnering with market experts in their own fields. The Target Fund Return is 8%. Potential total capital gains in the end on an Investment of €350.000 is €195.000. Minimum Participation is just €50,000 and the management fee is 0.5% annually.

BlackBull Fund

Blackbull Fund Portugal - Investment Opportunities BlackBull Fund is intended to invest equity in the capitalisation of companies, with a high potential for development and valuation, under the terms of Law no. 18/2015. The Fund is managed by Quadrantis Capital, and will invest at least 60% of its assets in the capitalisation of commercial companies based in Portugal, which develop activities mainly in the tourism, real estate, and generalist sectors. 35% of the Asset Allocation Investment Sectors include: Offices: top location, medium/long term leases, quality rating tenants, Supermarkets: top players, long term leases, Hospitality: long term leased contracts, quality credit rating tenants, Retail: city centre convenient prime retail, Logistic hubs: top location, medium/long term leases. 65% of the Asset Allocation Investment Sectors include: Real estate development/refurbishment, Direct investment in companies (Equity/ Loans) with solid fundamentals, Real estate properties, Direct investment in companiesin the following sectors: industry, healthcare, energy, etc. There is a Fixed Management fee of 1.25%, with a Fund set-up fee of 1.25%. The Target Return is 8% per annum after deducting the Performance fee, equivalent to a cumulative return of 45%, with an assumption of 40% leverage for an 8 Year investment term. Minimum Investor Commitment Amount is €50,000.

Portugal Yield Fund II

Portugal Yield Fund - Investment Strategy
The Portugal Yield Fund II focuses on real estate backed businesses. It is oriented to cash flow generation (the fund will take advantage of the capital appreciation of the market as an upside). The Fund seeks diversified and transparent exposure to the Portuguese real estate market. The investment strategy will target investing at least 80% of total assets in yield generating commercial real estate assets. The remaining 20% can be invested in other yield generating businesses with strong asset coverage (e.g. infrastructure, concessions). This fund targets a stable annual net yield of 4-5%, with comparatively moderate risk. Portugal Yield Fund II is the successor of Portugal Yield Fund I. Portugal Yield Fund I has an investment capacity of approximately €40M and is already distributing yield to investors (two distributions have been made). With the current pipeline, the Fund Manager expects to invest that fund fully until the end of the 1st quarter of 2022. Fund Life is 8 Years, and there is a 3% set-up fee and 1.25% per annum management fee. Minimum investment is €250,200. Previous successful and now fully-subscribed funds include: Portugal Yield Fund I and Greytech I and II.

EQTY Capital Fund I

EQTY Fund Portugal - Value Projections
EQTY consolidate like-minded investments into diversified property portfolios delivered by developers with a proven track record and a strong reputation for delivering excellence. They achieve discounted acquisitions through bulk-buying and pass these savings directly to their investors, providing an immediate upside to initial investment. EQTY are a team with long standing relationships built on professional expertise, trust and shared common values. They pride themselves on challenging the status quo, with strong partnerships fostered on the back of our track records and their relentless pursuit in delivering on their long-term objectives. The EQTY CAPITAL FUND provides access to a select and diverse portfolio from Portugal’s leading Real Estate Developers, all with reputations of delivering exceptional properties, including Residential Apartments, Townhouses, Villas and Retail, Commercial and Education. The Subscription fee is 1.5% of invested capital. Annual fee is 1.5%. Preferred Return to investors is 3%. Minimum Participation is €100,000.

Self Storage Fund I

Self Storage Fund Portugal - Target Returns
The Self Storage Fund I invests in companies owning self-storage operators and facilities that have high potential for growth and assets that can be refurbished or converted into facilities. At the Fund level, no single investment represents more than 33% of the fund, which results in hyper-diversification. Note that each facility has dozens or hundreds of tenants that make this investment very conservative. The investments have real assets inside high density neighbourhoods that always have value. Management of the facilities is by a professional operator, with sales, marketing and operations structure. The Target is 5% Yearly Return to the fund on any investment. The Fund Manager is Insula Capital and the Fund regulated by CMVM and there are regular reports to the market authority and investors on the investments made and fund performance. The Fund fees entail a 1% management fee and 20% performance fee with a hurdle rate of 3%.

Golden Caravel Fund

Golden Caravel Fund Portugal - Investment Returns
The Golden Caravel Fund invests equity into Core/Core+ yielding prime Real Estate Assets with strong covenants in Portugal and pursue the objective of capital preservation. Investing equity into conservative Core/Core+ yielding prime Real Estate Assets including: Office, Retail, Hospitality and Distribution Logistics, with strong covenants in Portugal and pursue the objective of capital preservation. 3% return annually from year 2 with return of invested capital at fund term end. Minimum investment of €500,000 for the Golden Visa Program. The Fund Manager is Grosvenor House of Investments and they have has entered into a strategic partnership with Square Asset Management who is appointed as Investment advisor to the Fund and is widely regarded in Portugal as the most experienced and reputable real estate fund manager with a solid and long track record.

Pela Terra Fund

Pela Terra Fund Portugal - Benefits
Now, in 2022, Investors can combat climate change, protect our soil, secure long-term jobs, food security and biodiversity, all with the same investment used to achieve Portugal Residence and Citizenship. Pela Terra are building a portfolio of low risk sustainable investments within the Pela Terra Farmland fund. Risk averse investors appreciate a reassuringly uncomplicated proposal. Pela Terra's strategy is to lease land to sustainable partners - predictable, contractually protected income - a relaxing route to citizenship. 10.5 billion people on Earth in 2050 means demand for crop production will double! The value of farmland is linked to population growth. Our investments are 100% backed by a reassuringly durable asset. Forecast blended total of 7% APY Yield per year. Pela Terra Farmland Fund is fully managed by STAG Management SCR SA. The fund is fully regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM).there is a 1% fee to cover the initial account setup, and there is an annual 0.95% fee to cover the management of the investments. There are no fees when your capital and profit is returned at the end of the fund.

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BlueCrow Growth Fund - Fundo Capital de Risco - Venture Capital/Private Equity Fund - Summary of Terms

Bluecrow Growth Fund - Summary of Terms
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