EU Citizenship

EU Citizenship

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European Union (EU) - Residence Permit

Call or Email our EU Immigration Lawyers anytime for specialist help and assistance with your EU Permanent Residence Permit! Full document preparation assistance, Power of Attorney, Bank account opening, Introduction to Properties, Property purchase Agreements, Due Diligence checks, Police Character certificates. 

Residence or Citizenship Assessment

Email us or fill in a website Contact Form to receive a FREE Residence or Citizenship eligibility Assessment today! If we require additional information about your work experience or qualifications or family descendants, then we will contact you.

EU Permanent Residence Permit Assistance

Our EU qualified Immigration and Citizenship Lawyers can assist and advise with Permanent residence visas listed below. Note that the popular EU Residence Permits, which we assist and advise are: Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP), Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Direct Investment, Greece Golden Visa for Greece Permanent residence and the Portugal Golden Residence Permit through investment in Private Equity Funds. See the links below for more details about the Visa eligibility criteria and process, our expert Visa support service and Processing times. 

EU Citizenship by Descent Assistance

Our EU qualified Immigration and Citizenship Lawyers can assist and advise with complete Citizenship by Descent submissions for the Countries listed below. Note that the popular Citizenship applications, which we assist are: French Citizenship by Descent, Austrian Citizenship by Descent, German Citizenship by Descent, Lithuanian Citizenship by Descent and Re-Instatement of Citizenship and Polish Citizenship by Descent and Confirmation of Polish Citizenship or its Loss.  

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I talk to about EU residence permits? 

You can arrange to talk to our Consultants to discuss the EU Residence permit application process. Currently, we assist with EU Residence Permits in Malta, Greece and Portugal through Property or Funds investment.

How do I contact the Portugal visa office? 

You can email us or call our office in Lisbon, portugal for assistance with the Portugal Golden visa or D7 retirement visa, D8 Digital Nomad visa. For specialist assistance, our Portuguese Lawyers will contact you and arrange a Consultation for a fee. 

Can I still buy a Portugal Property for the Portugal golden visa?

No, in 2024, it is no longer possible to buy property for the Portugal Golden visa. However, you can invest 500,000 Euros into Private Equity Funds for approximately 6 years, and then you get a Portuguese Residence permit.

When can I apply for Portugal Citizenship?

After 5 years of holding a Residence permit and meeting the Residence requirements of 14 days visit to Portugal every 2 years, you can apply for Permanent residence and then immediately after apply for Portuguese Citizenship.

Why do you suggest that I apply for Malta MPRP?

Malta MPRP is a great option if you would like to rent property for 5 years or more instead of buying a property. Also, our Malta Licensed Lawyer Agent will assist with submission of your MPRP application.

Is Greece Permanent residence approved quickly?

Yes, within 3- 6 months, you can have a Greek residence permit then travel to Greece to get your residence card.

What is the new investment amount for Greece, in 2024?

Its still mpossible to apply for 250,000 Euros Property investment, until 31 August 2024. However, after this date, the investment amount will increase to either 500,000 or 800,000 Euros, depending on the region of Greece.

What is EU Citizenship by Descent?

To apply for Citizenship by Descent, you would need to prove that you have a parent or grandparent, who was a citizen of the EU country and provide evidence of their citizenship and proof of your relationship to the parent or other descendant.

Which countries do you assist with EU Citizenship?

Our Consultants assista nd advise with Citizenship by descent applications for Austria, France, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

What is Re-Instatement of Lithuanian Citizenship?

This is where you can prove that you had an Ancestor who was a Lithuanian citizen, and who was living in Lithuania after Lithuania became an independent country, ususally between 1918 - 1945.

Can I apply for Lithuanian Citizenship if I have a Great Great Grandparent, who was a Lithuanian Citizen?

No, you can only apply as far back as a Great grandparent.

Can I apply for Polish Citizenship based on a Grandparent that lost their Citizenship?

Our Polish Citizenship Lawyers would need to apply for Confirmation of Polish Citizenship, and search the Polish Archives to find documents confirming that your descendants lost their Polish Citizenship due to persecution.

EU Residence and Citizenship Assistance

See our web pages below for more information about popular EU Residence and Citizenship applications: