We provide Global Immigration advice services to Australia, UK, USA and EU countries. See below popular FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions regarding VisaConnect's Visa and Immigration service:

For Australia, we provide Immigration advice and assistance for popular Visa categories, including Skilled migration, Family migration - Parent, Partner, Fiance, Child etc. In addition, we assist with Employer Nomination Scheme, 186 Visa and the Global talent Visa (GTI) for permanent residence.

An Immigration Lawyer or an Australian Migration Agent can simplify the visa application process, save you time, avoid mistakes, avoid visa refusal, and help you get the visa approved the first time. In addition, we assist with a Visa eligibility Assessment to check your visa eligibility before starting the application process. Also, we advise you about the supporting documents required, translation of documents, English test requirements and assist you with obtaining character certificates and medical referral.

Our fees vary according to the type of visa application, Number of applicants, degree of complexity of the case and whether we need to assist with all elements of the application, including MigratioN Skills Assessment, translation of documents, Character certificates, Notarising and Apostille of documents if required.

Yes, we include a Refund clause in our Agency Agreements with clients to allow for refund if part of a Visa application is refused, such as regarding an Australian Skilled visa, then the Skills Assessment or Expression of Interest and then there is no need to pay a Second Instalment fee either.

Yes, our Immigration lawyers or Migration Agents can just check and review your complete visa application forms and supporting documents. We can check for omissions, mistakes and incomplete documents and advise you how to correct the issue.

At VisaConnect, our Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agent Consultants do our best to provide a unique service, which involves establishing a personalized and customized connection with the client, regular communication through face to face meetings or online Video and Telephone calls so that our understanding of your situation and background is crystal clear.

Check that the Adviser or Consultant is a qualified Lawyer in the country in which they advise or a registered Migration Agent for Australia to ensure an adherence to Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

Usually, our Migration Agents can ensure the Visa application process is smooth and fast and without any requests by the Case Officer for further documents or information. In other words, we ensure that all correct and complete information is provided as part of the initial visa submission.

Yes, usually we all offer a FREE Consultation by email to check your visa eligibility and answer some initial questions. Then, for a telephone or video Consultation, there may be a fee depending on the time required and the type of Visa, Residence or Citizenship application.

We expect the Client to provide requested supporting documents, sign Application forms, and reply to emails with information as swiftly as possible. This is to establish good communication between VisaConnect and yourself and limit any delays and missing of deadlines.

Yes, we can assist with the application for a Police Criminal record check for immigration applications to Australia, UK or EU Countries, and we can also arrange for it to be Notarized and Apostilled, if required.

Yes, our Immigration Lawyers can provide Consultations to clients anywhere in the world, through Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat or WhatsAppVideo calls.

It may be possible to meet an Immigration Lawyer Face-to-Face for a Consultation in one of our offices, in Brisbane, Australia, Central, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, UK and in Lisbon, Portugal.