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Benefits of Austrian Citizenship

The advantages and benefits of acquiring Austrian Citizenship and an Austrian Passport are:

  • Unlimited Travel in and out of Austria (Multiple Entry), with a Valid Austrian Passport
  • Freedom of Movement across the EU/EFTA area (Visa-Free travel in the EU)
  • Visa-free access to 189 countries around the world, as per the Henley Passport Index, in 2023. The Austrian Passport is currently ranked as the equal 3rd strongest Passport in the world.
  • Austria recognises Dual Nationality
  • Entitled to Live, Work and Vote in Austria on a Permanent basis, and can Live and Work in other EU Countries
  • Austrians have access to the world's best healthcare and education systems.
  • Austria's country's economy is strong and developed. The state is home to many large global corporations. The government also encourages international investment and provides various incentives for locating companies in the state.

Eligibility for Austrian Citizenship by Descent

To be eligible for Austrian Citizenship by Descent, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Children automatically become Austrian citizens, at the time of their birth, if their Mother is an Austrian citizen.

2. Children automatically become Austrian citizens, at the time of their birth, if their Parents are married, but only their Father was an Austrian citizen.

3. If the Father is an Austrian citizen and the Parents are not married, but the Mother is a citizen of another state, the child acquires Austrian citizenship by descent if their Austrian Father acknowledges paternity within eight weeks following the birth, or if his paternity has been legally established by a court.

4. If at the time of birth, the child acquires another citizenship, in addition to Austrian citizenship – for example, by descent from the other parent ('Jus Sanguinis') or by birth in a state (e.g. Australia, USA) where the territoriality principle ('ius soli') applies, then there is no loss of Austrian citizenship, but the child has two citizenships (Dual citizenship).

Apply for an Austrian Citizenship Certificate

To apply for an Austrian Citizenship Certificate, contact VisaConnect's Consultants and our Austrian Immigration Lawyers for advice and assistance. Note that the Applicant must submit the following 'Apostilled' documents to their nearest Austrian Embassy or Consulate:

  • Application form completed and signed - 'Antrag auf Ausstellung eines österreichischen Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweises'
  • Completed and Signed Form - 'Personenstandserklärung Erwachsene'
  • ID Document, such as Passport, ID Card or Birth Certificate
  • Proof of other Citizenship(s) (original and copy)
  • Evidence of current place of Residence according to local standards (not older than 4 weeks: Utility bill, Driver’s licence etc)
  • Evidence that the Applicant has not acquired a foreign nationality (not older than 2 months)
  • Previous Austrian Citizenship Certificate - 'Certificate of Grant of Austrian Citizenship' ("Bescheid über die Verleihung der Staatsbürgerschaft"), if applicable
  • De-registration from the Austrian Registration Office - 'Abmeldebestätigung des Meldeamtes', if applicable
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Marriage Certificate of parents
  • Certificate of Citizenship of Austrian parent(s)
  • Proof of Residence status of the Austrian parent(s)

Austrian Citizenship to Descendants of Nazi regime's victims

Austria's Parliament has voted to grant Citizenship to the descendants of Nazi victims, who fled the country under the Third Reich. The Citizenship Law Amendment Act 2018 came into force on 1 September 2020 (BGBl I 2019/96). Now, VisaConnect and our partner Austrian Immigration Lawyers can assist and advise you with your Austrian Citizenship application, and provide complete legal representation.

Granting Citizenship to the descendants of Nazi regime's Victims is a significant innovation in Austrian citizenship law for NS victims, victims of persecution by the NS regime and their direct descendants. The new Austrian Citizenship Law applies to all people worldwide, Jews and non-Jews, who can provide evidence that they are descendants of victims of Nazi persecution (for example: children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of those who were persecuted).

This new Citizenship Amendment will remove a long-standing injustice. Therefore, descendants of former victims of Nazi persecution will now obtain simplified access to Austrian citizenship.

Eligibility for Austrian Citizenship as Descendants of Nazi persecution

To be eligible for Austrian Citizenship as a Descendant of victims of Nazi persecution, the Austrian Lawyers on behalf of the Applicant must submit a written application to the Austrian Government and provide evidence of the following, with unobjectionable documents or certified documents:

The applicant is in direct descending line, the descendant of a person who went overseas before 15 May 1955:

  • because they had reason to fear or suffered persecution by organs of the NSDAP or the authorities of the Third Reich, or
  • because they were exposed to persecution or feared such persecution because of their advocacy of the democratic Republic of Austria

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