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Blogs of VisaConnect

In 2024, read VisaConnect's Blogs about Global Visas, Immigration and Citizenship issues and updates! Read about the latest developments, Updates, News, New Visa categories, Changes in Visa law or Immigration law regarding Australian visas, UK visas, US visas and EU Residence permits.

Australian Visas

Contact our Migration Agents or Austrtalian Immigration Lawyers for advice and assistance with your Australian Visas or Immigration application. We can assist with completion of all application forms, supporting documents preparation and health and character advice. If you are applying for Skilled migration, then we can also assist with the Migration Skills Assesment application to obtain a Positive Skills Assessment Letter, where your work experience and qualifications are assessed to see if they are comparable to an Australian qualification. 

US Visas

Our US Immigration Attorneys can provide you with an initial Consultation by telephone or Zoom Video call where they check your visa eligibility, advise about the Visa process, Costs, Supporting documents and possible Interview questions and how to answer effectively. If you are eligible, our Attorney's can assist and avise with the complete US visa application for a Non-Immigrant visa, such as the B-1, B-2, E-3, H-1B or J-1 or an Immigrant visa, such as the EB-5 immigrant Investor Program for a US Green Card.

UK Visas

Assistance with UK temporary visas for visiting the UK as a Tourist or Business Visitor, Working Holiday visa for citizens of participating countries and the Skilled Worker visa for sponsored skilled professional applicants, Student visa for studying a course in the UK and Start-Up visa for business entrepreneurs to set up a new business in the UK. In addition, our UK Immigration Advisers can assist and advise with Settlement applications for UK Permanent Residence or Indefinite Leave To Remain, including the Global Talent visa, Innovator visa, Ancestry visa and Spouse visa. 

EU Residence and Citizenship

Our Visa Conultants and partner EU Lawyers can assist you with an application for an EU Residence Permit in Greece, Malta and Portugal, through work sponsorship, retirement or investment. In addition, we assist with Citizenship by descent for applicants who have a parent, grandparent or descendant who was an EU citizen.