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Australian Visa News

 2 May 2019

Indian Population in Australia Increases 30% in Less Than 2 Years!

  • The Indian population in Australia has exponentially grown in the last two years according to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

    The ABS’s preliminary estimates suggest there are 592,000 Indians living in Australia as of June 2018. This is a 30 per cent jump compared to Census 2016 figures which recorded 455,389 Indians living in Australia.

    India with 592,000 people moved into third place dropping the New Zealand born (568,000) down to the fourth place.

    India now accounts for 2.4% of the Australian population and the median age of an Indian migrant is revealed to be 34 years, same as those born in Australia.

    India has been Australia’s biggest source of migrants since 2016.

    The number of Indian students studying in Australia too ascended to a seven-year high in 2018. According to November 2017 figures, close to 70,000 students were studying in Australian universities and colleges.








 22 March 2019

New regional visas announced as immigration levels slashed

  • In order to ease congestion in Australia’s major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, and to distribute the population to regional areas, the Government will introduce regional visas that will require a minimum three years of residence in regional Australia as a necessary condition for their permanent residency. However, there are concerns these measures will make the road to permanent residency more difficult for those already in Australia on temporary visas.

    23,000 visa places will be reserved for new skilled regional visas within the 160,000 permanent visas to be issued under Australia’s scaled back migration planning level, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday.

    The Government will also encourage international students to take up courses outside Sydney, Melbourne and Southeast Queensland in regional universities. 1000 scholarships of $15,000 each for local and overseas students have been announced as a measure to attract overseas students to the regions. Another incentive being offered to them is an additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa.





 11 February 2019

Skilled migrants can accelerate their visa applications under new plan

  • Under the new initiative, skilled migrants in Australia will have their visa applications accelerated if they move to regional Australia. This $19.4 million plan will be used over four years which aims to solve congestion issues and population growth in Australia.

    Priority processing will be given to visas sponsored by businesses in regional areas. At the same time, the Department of Home Affairs officials help local businesses in regional areas to employ more skilled workers.




 4 December 2018

Australia has passed the Modern Slavery Bill

  • On 29 November, the houses of parliament of Australia has passed the Modern Slavery Bill with reference to “trafficking and/or exploitation of children in orphanages”. The legislation of new law criminalize the act of orphanage trafficking, which is the inducement of children into orphanages as a form of slavery, such action will now be regarded as slavery and trafficking offence.

    In accordance to data from Save the Children, in Australia, there are more than half of the univerisities promoting orphanage placements as an overseas volunteering opportunity. The legislation aims to tackle with the issue of children in developing countries being sent to institutions in order to meet demand for volunteering opportunity in the West.




 29 October 2018

Immigration to Australia seems to increase again

  • According to the new statistics from Macquarie Bank, there seems to be an increase in the immigration to Australia again.

    Refer to the overseas arrivals and departures data for August released by the ABS, there is an increase in the annual pace of net overseas migration in three-month annualised terms, which reach the tail-end levels of previous Australia’s second mining boom in this decade.

    Although rates of permanent and long-term movements of overseas arrival and departure are not the most suitable source for understanding immigration statistics, the data has reasonable track statistics related to migration statistics of Australia. The data shows that the acceleration of net overseas migration may represent that there is an improvement in the Australian economy in the past year.





 30 September 2018

Economic growth rate at 3.4% above and beyond expectation

  • Australia’s economic growth rate is reported to be at a strong annual rate of 3.4% in the June quarter, which was above and beyond the expectation. Figures show the economy’s growth rate has increased by 0.9% over April, May and June, which was higher than the expected 0.7% in seasonally adjusted terms. The domestic demand has grown by 0.6%, in which domestic demand has contributed over half the growth in Australia’s GDP in June.

    The increase in domestic demand was driven by the 0.7% growth in household spending, which reflected the strong consuming power of households in food, recreation and culture, and furnishings and household equipment. The wages and salaries have also risen by 0.7% in June quarter because of the increase in employment, to be 4.8% higher through the year.


    澳大利亚6月季度的经济增长率 为3.4%,高于并超出预期 。数据显示,澳大利亚的经济增长率经季节性调整后在4月,5月和6月增长了0.9%, 高于预期的0.7%。国内需求增长了0.6%,其中国内需求占6月澳大利亚国内生产总值增长的一半以上。家庭支出上升0.7%,推动了国内需求的增长,并反映了家庭在食品,娱乐和文化,以及家具和家用设备方面的强大购买力。由于就业人数的增加,6月季度的工资和薪水也增长了0.7%,全年增长了4.8%。

 1 September 2018

Australian government encourages migrants to move to smaller regions

  • The Australian government is searching for ways to encourage new migrants to live and work in the regions, beyond Sydney and Melbourne. Other smaller regions include relatively smaller cities like Adelaide, Darwin, etc. 87% of the skilled migrants who arrived Australia last year has settled in these two cities, in which raises the government’s concern towards the potential pressure on housing and infrastructure to these cities.

    The government is therefore seeking for programs to attract new migrants to these regions where there are demands for different particular skills. The change in immigration policies also aims to relieve the problem of decline in acute population and improve the geographic spread of population in Australia.


    澳洲政府正在寻找方法鼓励新移民到悉尼和墨尔本以外的地区生活和工作 。 其他较小的地区包括一些相对较小的城市,如阿德莱德,达尔文等。去年抵达澳洲中有87%的技术移民已定居在悉尼和墨尔本,这引起政府对这些城市的住房和基础设施潜在压力的担忧。

    因此,政府正在寻求方法及政策去吸引新移民到那些需要不同特殊技能人士的地区居住。 移民政策的改变也旨在缓解急性人口减少的问题,并改善澳洲人口的地理分布。

 25 July 2018

Australia is now the second biggest destination for oversea students

  • According to latest research from University College London, the number of international students in Australia continues to expand and it is now replacing the United Kingdom as the world’s second place for international students. The research says that Australia is now attracting more students from outside Europe, especially from China.

    Australia has started to brand the country as an English-speaking country in recent years. It has been focusing on promoting its high-performance universities. Moreover, it has been marketing the country as a place with good climate conditions, multicultural and welcoming culture for overseas students. This year, Melbourne and Sydney have been ranked as in the Top 10 Best Student Cities.




 10 June 2018

Millionaire’s choice of migration destination

  • About 10,000 millionaires, with personal wealth higher than US 1 million, have migrated to Australia last year in 2017, making Australia the millionaires’ choice of migration destination for the third year. According to a report, these high-net-worth individuals, mainly from China, India and United Kingdom, were lured by the proximity to Asia, safeness, political stability and the absence of inheritance taxes of Australia. This benefits the businesses based in Australia to doing business in China and Japan.

    Australia was ranked as the top country in the world which is the safest country for women in 2018. Also, it’s ranked as the 9th-wealthiest country in world. Australia has a private wealth of US $6.142 trillion, and it is forecasted that it will overtake Canada and France to be the 7th-wealthiest country in 10 years.


    约有1万名个人财富高于100万美元的百万富翁于2017年迁移到澳大利亚,使澳大利亚连续第三年成为百万富翁移民目的地的首选。据报导,这些主要来自中国,印度和英国 的高净值人士受到澳大利亚与亚洲邻近的地理位置,安全,政治的稳定和没有继承税等因素的吸引而移民到澳大利亚,此有利于澳大利亚的企业在中国和日本开展业务。


 15 May 2018

Australia Government Increases Budget to Improve Aged-care Services

  • The recent Australia federal budget has revealed the government's plan to change pension work bonus. The new budget allows older Australians to work more without reducing their pension payments. It also expands the access to the pension loans scheme in order to reduce equity from their home so as to boost their income.

    The government will spend $1.6bn over four years for the plan to create 14,000 home-care places for the elderly, and to show their support to the individual choice of elderly to stay at home, and avoid moving to residential aged care.

    It is also announced that the government will spend $146m to improve the access to aged-care services in rural and regional areas. $83m will be spent to increase the support for mental health services in residential aged care. Also, $20m more will be spent over four years in a pilot project which targets the population which is at risk of isolation.




 21 April 2018

The migrants contribute to the annual average GDP growth

  • The joint research conducted by Treasury and the Department of Home Affairs of Australia has dispelled the concern about the need to cut immigration. The paper, released on 17 April 2018, cites International Monetary Fund’s estimation on the effect of migration program in Australia. It states that the program will add up to 1% to annual average GDP growth from 2020 to 2050 because it focuses on skilled migrants of working age, which alleviate the economic impact of the country’s ageing population. As the focus on skilled migrants of working age improved Australia's productivity, the skilled migrants contributed to Australia’s growing wealth and increased the GDP per capita. The report added that migrants, especially the skilled migrants, are not living on the welfare of jobs. Instead, they are likely to contribute more to tax revenue than they claimed in government support. "In the absence of migration, Australia's workforce would begin shrinking in absolute terms by 2020." the report said.


 4 April 2018

Darwin's multiculturalism hoped to solve its sluggish population growth

  • With around 30% of its residents born overseas, Darwin in Northern Australia is now a highly multicultural area, attributed to expanding size of the Nepalese, Nigerian and Japanese communities. While the population outflow has been vigorous, the northern territory has also been urging the government to allocate more resources to support the newly arrived immigrants, so that the skilled workers would prefer continual of living in Darwin rather than interstate migration. Along with the friendly and warm welcoming attitude of the locals, the concerted efforts of the territory to retain the professionals will hopefully be successful.

 14 March 2018

Chinese Student Enrolment Challenges

  • Impacted by the recent conflicts concerning the diplomatic relations between Australia and China, the enrolment rates of the Australian universities may be negatively affected. Together with increasingly restricted issue of offshore visa permits and intense competition with the UK and the US education providers, it is likely that Australian universities will face a phase of slower growth in university applications from Chinese. In face of the reduction in offshore visa grants, potential young immigrants should consider apply for visas as soon as possible. This could also pave way for obtaining onshore visa applications and citizenship later on.

    受近期澳中两国外交关系冲突的影响,澳大利亚大学的入学率可能受到不利影响。 随着离岸签证许可问题日益受到限制以及与英国和美国教育机构的激烈竞争,澳大利亚大学可能面临来自中国大学申请增长放缓的阶段。 面对离岸签证批核的减少,潜在的年轻移民应该尽快申请签证。 这也可能为以后获得在岸签证申请和公民身份铺平道路。

 6 March 2018

New Entrepreneur Visa Introduced

  • In pursuance of a more prosperous economy, the Australian Government would like to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors into the state, that a new visa would be introduced. The exciting announcement of the new visa has brought hope to many who envision their life in this country as having an excellent quality of life. The acquisition of it seems easier than ever, as the applicants need a state-of-the-art idea and a well-structured business plan, as well as be equipped with vocational level English, which means obtaining band 5 in each four parts of the International English Language Testing Service ( IELTS). Permanent residence could possible be achieved too, once the flourishing business venture has developed. This new visa, definitely, sows the seed of an Australian immigration dream.

    为了追求更加繁荣的经济,澳大利亚政府希望吸引外国企业家和投资者加入该州,因此引入新的签证。 令人兴奋的新签证的宣布为许多渴望在这个生活质量卓越的国家设想生活的人带来了希望。 申请的资格似乎比以往更容易,申请人需要一个最先进的想法和一个结构良好的商业计划,以及配备职业水平的英语,这意味着获得在国际英语语言测试服务(雅思)的每四个部分都获得第五级。 随着所建的商业蓬勃发展的,永久居留的愿望也可以实现。 这种新签证绝对是澳大利亚移民梦想的种子。
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