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 14 March 2018

     Chinese Student Enrolment Challenges

  • Impacted by the recent conflicts concerning the diplomatic relations between Australia and China, the enrolment rates of the Australian universities may be negatively affected. Together with increasingly restricted issue of offshore visa permits and intense competition with the UK and the US education providers, it is likely that Australian universities will face a phase of slower growth in university applications from Chinese. In face of the reduction in offshore visa grants, potential young immigrants should consider apply for visas as soon as possible. This could also pave way for obtaining onshore visa applications and citizenship later on.

    受近期澳中两国外交关系冲突的影响,澳大利亚大学的入学率可能受到不利影响。 随着离岸签证许可问题日益受到限制以及与英国和美国教育机构的激烈竞争,澳大利亚大学可能面临来自中国大学申请增长放缓的阶段。 面对离岸签证批核的减少,潜在的年轻移民应该尽快申请签证。 这也可能为以后获得在岸签证申请和公民身份铺平道路。

 6 March 2018

     New Entrepreneur Visa Introduced

  • In pursuance of a more prosperous economy, the Australian Government would like to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors into the state, that a new visa would be introduced. The exciting announcement of the new visa has brought hope to many who envision their life in this country as having an excellent quality of life. The acquisition of it seems easier than ever, as the applicants need a state-of-the-art idea and a well-structured business plan, as well as be equipped with vocational level English, which means obtaining band 5 in each four parts of the International English Language Testing Service ( IELTS). Permanent residence could possible be achieved too, once the flourishing business venture has developed. This new visa, definitely, sows the seed of an Australian immigration dream.

    为了追求更加繁荣的经济,澳大利亚政府希望吸引外国企业家和投资者加入该州,因此引入新的签证。 令人兴奋的新签证的宣布为许多渴望在这个生活质量卓越的国家设想生活的人带来了希望。 申请的资格似乎比以往更容易,申请人需要一个最先进的想法和一个结构良好的商业计划,以及配备职业水平的英语,这意味着获得在国际英语语言测试服务(雅思)的每四个部分都获得第五级。 随着所建的商业蓬勃发展的,永久居留的愿望也可以实现。 这种新签证绝对是澳大利亚移民梦想的种子。


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