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Skilled Migration (Permanent Residence)

Skilled Visa Australia

Outlined below is general information about the process of applying to migrate or for permanent residence under the skilled migration stream:   

Skilled Independent - 189 Visa

1. Nominate an occupation - listed on the Skills Occupation List, which is relevant to your education and employment background. Each occupation must have an ANZSCO Code, such as:

  • Accountant (General) - ANZSCO Code: 221111

  • Electrical Engineer - ANZSCO Code: 233311

  • Registered Nurse nec - ANZSCO Code: 254499

2. MLTSSL List - To be eligible for the 189 visa, the selected occupations must be listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

3. Skills Assessment - Suitable skills assessment in that occupation confirming that their qualifications and recent work experience have been recognised by the Australian authority. Skills assessments authorities assess applicants educational qualifications and work experience and if their skills are recognised, they determine that the applicant is 'suitable for migration'.

There are a wide range of Skills Assessment Authorities that cover different occupations. For example, Accountants and Auditors would be assesed by either:

  • CPA Australia

  • Institute of Public Accountants

  • Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

4. Expression of Interest (EOI) - apply for an Expression of Interest on the SkillSelect online service, which includes information about your Age, Qualifications, Skills Assessment, Work experience and a points score is calculated. No actual evidence is required, at this stage. The EOI is valid for 2 years.

5. Invitation - If you are invited to apply for skilled migration, you will receive an Invitation from SkillSelect. You will have 60 days to make your visa application.

6. Online Visa Application - Apply online by completing Forms, and providing evidence to support the claims made in your Expression of Interest. Usually, you will upload certified copies of Identity documents (passport, Birth certificates etc), and any other relevant information.

7. Health examination - Undergo a medical examination, Chest x ray and blood tests with an Australian Panel Doctor, in your city and country.

8. Character requirements - Apply for Police Clearance certificates in every country you and your spouse have lived in for 12 months or more, in the last 10 years.

Points Test - Factors:

  • Age - Must be Aged between 18 - 44 years. Maximum points available are for ages between 25 - 32 years but less points are still available for other age ranges.

  • English Language Ability - Points are available depending on your English level, which is determine by sitting an English test, such as IELTS. This tests knowledge in: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Levels of English ability are: Competent (IELTS 6.0) or Proficient (IELTS 7.0) or Superior (IELTS 8.0).

  • Qualifications - Points are awarded for qualifications, with the maximum points available for a Bachelors degree and Phd.

  • Skilled Employment - Points are awarded for work experience in your skilled occupation, based on duration of time in employment: 3, 5 or more than 8 years.

  • Australian Study - Points are aavailable for a degree, diploma or trade qualification awarded by an Australian educational institution.

Skilled Nominated - 190 Visa

Skilled Recognition Graduate - 476 Visa

1. This is a temporary visa, but is a stepping stone to applying for permanent residence, with a skilled visa.

2. Engineering Graduates - This visa allows recent engineering graduates of eligible universities to gain up to 18 months of skilled work experience in their occupation.

3. Age - Must be younger than 31 years of age.

4. Engineering Qualification - Completed one of the following eligible engineering qualifications, in the past 2 years:

5. Major Sequence of Study - The qualification must contain a major sequence of study or specialisation in Engineering, including: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc) from a recognised institution.

6. English language Ability - IELTS Score of at least 6.0, but you are exempt from sitting the English test if you are a citizen and holding a passport of the UK, Canada, NZ or the US.

Distinguished Talent - 124 Visa

1. Exceptional and outstanding achievement - Demonstrate that you have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in:

2. Prominent - You are still prominent and recognised in your area of expertise.

3. Asset to Australia - You would be considered an asset to the Australian community.

4. Employment - Provide evidence showing that there will be no difficulty in obtaining employment or in becoming established independently in Australia.

5. Nomination - Obtain Nomination from an eligible Australian nominee, who has a national reputation in your field of expertise.

6. Health and Character - Comply with the mandatory health and character requirements.


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