Saudi Business Visa Invitation Letter

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Invitation Letter Assistance, in 2022

VisaConnect assists with your Saudi Business Invitation Letter for a Commercial Visit, as prepared by our Saudi sponsoring company, who are registered with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and authorised to issue electronic Invitation Letters, which are accepted by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Consulates and Embassies.

In 2022, contact VisaConnect's specialist Consultants, together with our partner Saudi Sponsoring Company, by telephone, email or complete the online Form or call our offices in Brisbane, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, UK and Lisbon, Portugal for advice and assistance with your Saudi Business Commercial Invitation Letter for a Saudi Business Visa for travel to KSA!

Commercial Visit - Visa Invitations for KSA

In 2022, VisaConnect and our Saudi Sponsoring company can assist with the following types of Commercial Visit Invitation Letters for Saudi Arabia:

1. Commercial Visit تجارية زيارة - Single Validity - Valid for 90 days, Period of stay: 14/30 days.

2. Commercial Visit تجارية زيارة - Multiple Validity - Valid for 365 days (12 months), Period of stay: 90 days.

Eligibility Criteria - Saudi Business Invitation Letters

KSA Commercial Invitation Letter - Application Documents

1. Application Form - Contact us and we will email you VisaConnect's KSA Invitation Letter Application Form for you to complete, and we will let you know the current application fees.

2. Passport - Scan of your Passport biodata page. Minimum of 6 months validity.

3. Residence Permit - Required for GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE) residents.

4. Previous Saudi Business Visa - Copy of most recent Saudi Business Visa Label (Commercial Visit or Working).

5. Degree Certificate - Scan of Degree certificate for Working Visit Visas only.

Saudi Business Invitation Letter

See a sample Invitation Letter and a Saudi Business Visa Label below:

Saudi Invitation Letter Sample

Saudi Business Visa

VisaConnect's Invitation Letter Assistance for Business or Tourist Visas

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