Saudi Visa Invitation Letter

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Invitation Letter Assistance, in 2021

Contact our Consultants for assistance with your Saudi Invitation Letter, as prepared by our Saudi sponsoring company, who are registered with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authorised to issue electronic Invitation Letters, which are accepted by Saudi Arabian Consulates and Embassies.
  • The Saudi Invitation Letters are processed in 2 working days and are meant for commercial visits for people in Management positions. We email you the electronic Saudi Arabia Letter of Invitation. This is the first step to getting a Saudi visa. The second step is to submit your passport, application form, documents and Invitation through the Enjaz online application or to the Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia.

  • Business - Visit is strictly for meetings or other business activities.

  • Tourist - Since 2020, KSA Tourist Visas are suspended indefinitely, and existing visa holders cannot enter the country.

  • Eligible Professions: Managerial Positions - such as (Managers, Directors, Administrators, Consultants, Analyst, Advisor Etc.).

  • Technical Positions - such as (Engineers, Accountant, Research Analyst, and Computer Programmer, Customer service Representative, Designer Officer, and Financial Controller Etc.) require a degree/diploma.

  • It is the traveller's own responsibility to keep track of his visa expiry dates and any overstays and to make himself aware of KSA laws and regulation to avoid any kind of criminal charges or future bans.

  • Pilgrimage like Umrah/Haj is strictly NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances and is considered a visa violation.

  • In case of any unauthorized overstays or other violation of visa, penalty up to $10,000 USD, deportation, future ban and jail term (case by case) will be applied by the KSA government.

  • If you require an Invitation Letter for a 'Working Visit' for KSA, contact us by email. You must provide detailed Company information, Saudi Project details and sign Compliance Agreements with our Saudi Sponsor.

  • Citizens of the following countries are Banned from entering Saudia Arabia and cannot apply for a Letter of Invitation: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Syrian, Yemen, Iraq & Israel.

  • Note that you cannot apply for a Saudi Business Invitation Letter if you are providing any type of Consulting services, including providing Medical services or Medical Consulting services. In addition, Technical positions will NOT be eligible for a Business Invitation and we will need to contact us to check your eligibility for a Work Visit Visa Invitation Letter.

  • To complete your application for an Invitation to Saudi Arabia, please email us your Passport Biodata Page and previous Saudi Business visa label, if applicable, in digital format (JPEG or PDF format, less than 2mb) to

Saudi Businees Invitation Letter

See a sample Invitation Letter and a Saudi Business Visa Label below:

Saudi InvitationLetter Sample

Saudi Business Visa

Saudi Business Invitation Letter - Video

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