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Global Talent Visa (GTI) - Unlocking Opportunities

The Global Talent Visa (GTI) is a Visa for Australian Permanent residence and a fast-track visa with the Expression of Interest approved in 6-12 months and the GTI, Subclass 858 Visa approved in 3-6 months. Contact VisaConnect's Migration Agents for advice and assistance with the Global talent visa application, preparation of your supporting documents, completion of all application forms, Nomination assistance and help in applying for Character certificates! 

Future Focused Occupation

Applicants must work in a Future focused occupation from the selection below:

If you’re considering applying for this program, here are some common occupations that align with the GTI visa:

1. Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science, and ICT:

  • This sector constitutes the largest target area for GTI, accounting for 28% of the program year in 2019-2020.

  • Professionals in fields related to quantum computing, data science, and advanced digital technologies fall under this category.

2. FinTech (Financial Technology)

  • The success of a financial technology team relies on various professionals.
  • Individuals with expertise in areas such as blockchain, payment systems, and financial analytics can contribute significantly.

3. Cyber Security

  • As cyber threats continue to evolve, skilled cybersecurity experts are in high demand.
  • Professionals who can safeguard digital systems and data play a crucial role.

4. MedTech (Medical Techniology)

  • Innovations in medical technology enhance healthcare outcomes.
  • Experts in areas like telemedicine, wearable health devices, and medical imaging contribute to this field.

5. Energy and Mining Technology

  • Sustainable energy solutions and efficient mining practices are critical for the future.
  • Professionals working on renewable energy, smart grids, and resource optimization fall within this category.

GTI Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the GTI, you must meet the following criteria:

Internationally Recognised Achievements

You should have an internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievements in one of the following fields:

  • Profession
  • Sport
  • Arts
  • Academia and Research

Prominence in Your Field

You must be prominent in your area of expertise.

Moreover, your achievements should contribute significantly to your field.

Asset to the Australian Community

The Australian Government seeks individuals who can be an asset to the local Community.

Therefore, your presence should enhance Australia's standing and contribute positively.

Employment Prospects

You should have no problem obtaining employment in Australia or establishing yourself independently, such as a self employed Consultant or Business Owner, within your field of expertise.

Benefits of the GTI Visa

The GTI Visa offers several significant advantages:

  1. 1. Permanent Residency - succesfully approved applicants receive a Permanent visa. There is no provisional or Temporary visa.
  2. 2. No Points System - Unlike other Skilled migration visa, the GTI visa does not require any Points scoring, so no Age restrictions, no minimum Qualifications and no need for a minimum number of years of work experience.
  3. 3. Priority Processing - Applications under the GTI Program receive Priority processing over other Visas.
  4. 4. Freedom and Opportunities - Australia is renowned as an ideal lifestyle destination, with safety, prosperity and cultural diversity.
  5. 5. Innovation and Skills Transfer - By attracting top class, skilled and talented professionals, Australia fosters innovation, skill transfer and job creation.


You must be Nominated by an Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian organization with a national reputation in youir sector.

The Nominator must recognize your exceptional achievements and endorse your application.

Financial Threshold

To qualify, you must be able to earn at least the Fair Work High Income Threshold, which is currently $162,000 AUD.

GTI Application Process

To apply for the GTI, we recommend that you contact one of VisaConnect's experienced Migration Agents for complete advice and assistance and to save you time and hassle of doing it yourself! Also, don't risk getting it wrong, missing documents and having the visa refused! Therefore, the application process consists of the following process:

  1. 1. Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Begin by submitting an Expression of Intrerest using the online Global talent Contact form. This step allows you to express your interest in the GTI Program and showcase your oustanding talent and achievements.
  • The EOI is not a Pre-Assessment of eligibility, but serves as an initial expression of your interest in the program.

     2. Invitation

  • If your EOI is selected, you'll receive an Invitation to apply for the Global Talent visa.
  • The Invitation will provide further instructions on how to proceed with your application.

     3. Visa Application

  • Once you get an Invitation, you can apply online for the Global talent visa, via the ImmiAccount, with your Unique Identifier.
  • Provide all necessary supporting documentation, and information as part of your application.

Remember that the Global talent visa is a Permanent Residence visa, and successful applicants can contribute to Australia's growth by transferring skills, promoting innovation, and creating job opportunities. Australia, with its prosperoous lifestyle, safety, and cultual diversity offers and excellent environment for talented individuals to thrive in their occupation. ALso, its a great opporunity for Talented and Skilled applicants to mentor and train AUstralian employees and act a job multiplier.

Contact VisaConnect

Contact VisaConnect's Migration Consultants by telephone, email or send a message from the Contact forms, on this website. The GTI visa opens doors for successful individuals to contribute to Australia's growth, innovation and prosperity. If you are ready to make your mark, explore the GTI pathway, and embark on an exciting journey Down Under!

For more information about the specific eliginbility criteria for the Global Talent Visa (GTI), requirements, visa process, supporting documents and costs, see our web page about the Global Talent Independent Program.