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New Zealand Visa News

 1 September 2018

New Zealand launches a 3-year open work visa

  • Regarding to the New Zealand-India Academic conclave, which aims to strengthen the educational foundations and people-to-people relationship of the two countries, around 14 New Zealand visiting academicians will deliver 44 lectures across 21 India universities. It is worth highlighting that in 2018, there is an 15% increase in Indian students’ choice in choosing New Zealand universities to continue their study.

    There were several changes in New Zealand’s immigration setting, these involve the launch of a 3-year open work visa for bachelor’s degree (Level 7) or above international students; removal of employer-assisted post-study work visas at all levels; and the provision of 1-year post study open work visas for Level 4-6 and non-degree Level 7 (certificate programs and diplomas) students. Also, Level 8 qualified students in an area on long-term skills shortage list of New Zealand may bring their partner and dependent children.


    根据旨在加强新西兰与印度的教育基础和两国关系的学术会议当中,约14名新西兰学者将访问21所印度大学并举办44场讲座和演讲。值得强调的是在2018年, 选择新西兰大学作为升学机构的印度学生增加了15%。

    新西兰的移民政策有以下的一些变化,其中包括为学士学位(7级学历)或以上的国际学生推出为期3年的开放式工作签证; 取消各级别的雇主协助开放式工作签证; 并为4- 6级学历和非学士学位7级学历(证书课程和文凭)学生提供1年的开放式工作签证。此外,修读列在新西兰长期技能短缺名单上的科目的8级学历学生可与他们的伴侣和受抚养子女一同提及申请。

 25 July 2018

Cardrona Alpine Resort’s plan to develop the largest alpine resort in New Zealand

  • Queenstown businessman John Darby and Cardrona Alpine Resort have partnered up to develop the largest alpine resort in New Zealand. The project will incorporate Cardrona and a new Soho Basin ski area, which is located between Queenstown and Wanaka. This alpine resort in New Zealand will be a new, truly world class ski destination equipped with integrated facilities and amenities.

    The Cardrona Alpine Resort is currently in the third year of a five-year Soho expansion plan, which includes the installation of a $10 million cabin-style gondola, renovation of the Base Area buildings, and expansion on shuttle service. The plan also has implications on Cardrona's summer operations, which further enhances the activities and services provided by mountain resorts in New Zealand during summer.



    卡德罗纳高山度假村目前正处于一个为期五年的苏豪扩建计划的第三年,计划当中包括安装1000万美元的客舱式缆车,改造基地区建筑物以及扩建接驳班车服务等。该计划还对卡德罗纳高山度假村的夏季运营带来盈利,进一步加强了 新西兰山区度假村在夏季为旅客所能提供的活动和服务。

 10 June 2018

New Zealand proposed changes to post-study work visas

  • According to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s document, New Zealand government has proposed changes to post-study work visas for international students. The changes would enhance international student’s skill level required to process to permanent residency, while allowing them to gain work experience in New Zealand upon end of studies.

    It is believed that requiring a higher skills level may bring benefits to the ELT industry. The changes may cause more students to pursue higher level qualifications, and this may affect the level of English required for pathway programs. Also, the changes may simplify things for students in process to permanent residency, at the same time encouraging them to get higher qualifications which can benefit them in the job market.




 15 May 2018

Significant upsurge in migration to New Zealand

  • There has been an upsurge in migration to New Zealand due to a combination of international events. Moving to New Zealand has been gaining popularity after the vote on non-retirement rule by Supreme Court in US and UK's Brexit. According to the latest statistics, there was a significant increase in interest after these key votes.

    New Zealand is an ideal place to live as it has a low population, and it is a multicultural country that very tolerant.

    The effect of these key votes on the migration trend is seemed to be long-lived: both the non-retirement rule in US and the Brexit decision in UK are irreversible.




 21 April 2018

Future development of New Zealand’s industry 4.0

  • The comprehensive report "Beyond commodities: Manufacturing into the future", published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of New Zealand, highlighted several current key strengths and challenges faced by the manufacturing sector of New Zealand. The report showed the highly diversified manufacturing sector in New Zealand but also identified some challenges, for example, the lack of scale relative to some international competitors. It also highlighted the increasingly digitised and automated manufacturing sector, namely Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 refers to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence. These technologies improve the flexibility and profitability of manufacturers as they can utilize the technology to differentiate themselves through innovation, quality, brand and service. Economic development minister David Parker commented and suggested the New Zealand government to engage in establishing a new policy platform to promote Industry 4.0 in New Zealand and create a competitive edge in the international market.

    新西兰的商业、创新就业部发布的“商品以外:未来制造业”综合报告指出新西兰制造业目前面临的若干优势和挑战。报告显示出新西兰制造业的多元化,但同时也存在一些挑战,如新西兰的制造商相对于一些国际竞争对手而言的规模较小 。报告亦强调了制造业数据化和自动化的趋势,可称为工业4.0。工业4.0是泛指当前制造技术中自动化和数据交换的趋势,如三维打印和人工智能。这些技术有助制造业通过创新、高质量、品牌和服务来实现差异化,提高了制造商的灵活性和盈利收益 。经济发展部长大卫帕克就此评论并建议新西兰政府建立一个全新的政策平台,以促进新西兰的工业4.0发展,并帮助当地制造业在国际市场上创造竞争优势。

 5 April 2018

New Zealand house price growth quickest in nine months in March

  • House prices in New Zealand have been going up, which brings both good news and bad news to the potential migrants. While immigrant investors might be looking forward to yield the profits, the new Labour-led government has been planning to curb the trend by imposing taxes on investors and banning foreigners’ buying of properties. There still are heated debates going on with these suggested solutions, which certainly buys some time for potential migrants. Get in touch with us promptly for more information now.

 14 March 2018

NZ Labour Shortages

  • New Zealand has been facing struggles with sufficient local labor supply in certain industries, including teaching, hospitality and tourism, horticulture and agriculture, and Information Technology. They have been relying on incoming skilled workers from overseas to support the escalating, yet unfulfilled demands. Though Kiwis might consider these jobs as less promising, potential immigrants could make an entrance with short-term work and/or study visas, and at the same time adapt to the local lifestyle.

    新西兰一直面临着包括教学,酒店和旅游,园艺和农业以及信息技术等特定行业的当地劳动力供应不足的挑战。 他们一直依靠来自海外的入职技术工人来支持日益升级但尚未满足的需求。 虽然新西兰人可能认为这些工作不那么有希望,但潜在移民可以通过短期工作和/或学习签证入场,同时适应当地的生活方式。

 5 March 2018

Families and Groups can now Apply Online in 1 Single Visitor visa Application

  • Visiting New Zealand has never been this easy and handy ever. The advancement of the New Zealand online immigration system is making the application process of visas more efficient and less costly, as the paper-based applications are being replaced. Individuals travelling together and families could now hand in a group of applications together, which has augmented the productivity of the processing by related department. The online system is doing a great job, and a further upgrade will be carried out for partner or dependent child applications for visas in around May. And certainly, we would familiarise ourselves with the online new functions to deliver the best immigration service to you.

    到访问新西兰从未像现在如此的简单和方便。 新西兰在线移民系统的进步使签证的申请程序更加高效,成本更低,然而纸质申请正在被取代。 一起旅行的人员和家属可以一起递交一组申请,这增加了相关部门处理的生产力。 在线系统云行良好,5月份左右系统将进一步升级,以容纳合作伙伴或受抚养的孩子的签证申请。 当然,我们会熟悉在线新功能,为您提供最好的移民服务。
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