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Visitor Visa - UK

Visitor Visa To The UK

Outlined below is general information about the process of obtaining a Visitor visa (Tourist visa) to travel to the United Kingdom:

Standard Visitor Visa UK

Visitor Visa - A certificate that is inserted in your passport by an Entrance Clearance Officer allowing you to travel to the United Kingdom for the purposes of visiting the UK for no more than 6 months.

The Standard Visitor visa UK is usually issued for 6 Months validity, and the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Nationals of certain countries require a visa. However, European Economic Area (EEA) citizens plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Swiss Nationals have the right of free movement and residence in the UK
  • Person's who are Stateless and do not have a Nationality require a visa
  • As a Visitor, you must be able to support yourself in the UK, without claiming Public funds (state benefits). Evidence of funds, include payslips and bank statements
  • A Visitor to the UK cannot work (regardless of whether it is paid or unpaid work), cannot produce goods or provide services in the UK and cannot sell goods and services to the public
  • A Visitor must provide supporting documents with their application forms that demonstrate that they qualify as a visitor and are able to support themselves during their visit without drawing on public funds
  • The Visitor must provide evidence that they intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit. For example, a letter from an employer

Academic Visitor - Visitor Visa UK

The eligibility criteria for an Academic Visitor to the UK are as follows:

1. Visa Validity - You can stay in the UK for up to 12 months.

2. Highly Qualified - You must prove you are highly qualified within your field of expertise, on sabbatical leave from your home institution to participate in either:

  • A formal exchange with a UK counterpart
  • Undertake your own research
  • Someone else’s research, teaching or clinical practice - provided this does not involve filling a permanent teaching post

Private Medical Treatment - Visitor Visa UK

To visit the UK for Private Medical treatment, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a medical condition, which needs private consultation or treatment in the UK
  • Have made or paid for arrangements for consultations or treatment in the UK
  • Possess enough money to pay for your treatment, support yourself without using public funds and pay for your return or onward journey
  • Intend to depart the UK once your treatment is completed, or when your visa expires
  • You are not considered a danger to public health if you are suffering from an infectious disease, such as leprosy

Organ Donor - Visitor Visa UK

You can only visit the UK to donate organs to:

  • A family member who you are genetically related to (for example, your sibling or parent)
  • A person whom you have a close personal relationship with (for example, your spouse or friend)
  • Evidence must be provided that the person you are donating an organ to is legally allowed to be in the UK

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