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Investor Resident Visa - New Zealand

Investor Resident Visa 1 and 2 New Zealand

Investor 2 Resident Visa

The Investor 2 Resident Visa allows investors to obtain permanent residence of New Zealand if they have at least $3 million NZD to invest in NZ. See the eligibility criteria below, and see VisaConnect's PDF document: Investor 2 Resident Visa - New Zealand:

1. Age - Any age up to 65 years.

2. Quota - There is a quota of 400 Investor 2 visas per year.

3. Investment Funds - You must invest a minimum of $3 million NZD in New Zealand for 4 years.

4. Source of Investment Funds - You must provide evidence of the source of your funds to prove that you have acquired or earned the funds lawfully.

5. Transfer Investment Funds - If your visa application is approved, you must transfer the investment funds to NZ, within 12 months.

6. Residence in NZ - You must spend 146 days per year in New Zealandm or 438 days at any time over the four year investment period, if you have invested a minimum of $750,000 NZD in growth investments.

7. Fit and Proper Person - You must confirm that you meet the fit and proper person requirements, which are as follows: You and all your businesses have complied with Immigration and Employment laws, Not been investigated by Serious Fraud Office, no dishonesty offences, and no fraud or financial impropriety offences.

8. Residence in NZ - You must spend 146 days per year in New Zealandm or 438 days at any time over the four year investment period, if you have invested a minimum of $750,000 NZD in growth investments.

9. Recognised Business Experience - You must have acquired at least 3 years receognised business experience, and provide evidence of your businesses, your roles and responsibilities.

10. English ability - If you have an Overall IELTS test score of 3.0, then you would need to attend 20 hours of English tuition in NZ.

11. Health - You must be in good health and prepared to undergo a medical examination and chest x ray.

12. Character - You must be of good character and provide police certificates.

Acceptable Investments

To invest in the Investor 1 or 2 Resident visa, you must invest your nominated investment funds for 4 years in acceptable investments in New Zealand. An investment is defined as 'Acceptable' if it meets the following requirements:

  • Makes a commercial return.

  • Invested in New Zealand.

  • Invested in NZ dollars.

  • Invested in lawful enterprises or managed funds.

  • Has the potential to contribute to New Zealand's economy.

  • Evidence that you have business experience relevant to the proposed business.

  • Not be for personal use, eg. house, car etc.

Types of Acceptable Investments

Note that there are 4 types of acceptable investments:

1. Residential Property Development - New development that will make commercial return (not for you to occupy).

2. Commercial Property - Property is used for business purposes and capable of commercial return (not for you to occupy).

3. Philanthropic Investment - Investment in a registered charity or not for profit organization, with good track record.

4. Growth Investments - Acceptable investments other than Bonds and Philanthropic investments. Note that for the Investor 2 Resident Visa, if you make an investment of a minimum of $1.5 million NZD in growth investments entitles you to a reducation of $0.5 million NZD of the investment amount.

Investor 1 Resident Visa

The Investor 1 Resident Visa is a permanent residence visa that has similar eligibility requirements to the Investor 2 Resident visa, except for the following:

  • Investment Funds - You must invest $10 million NZD in New Zealand over a 3 year period. specified in your business plan. Evidence of investment can include bank statements and telegraphic transfers.

  • Residence Requirments - You must spend 44 days in each of the last 2 years of your 3 year investment period in NZ or 88 days in total if you have invested in growth investments.

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