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Eligibility - Global Talent Visa

The new Global Talent visa system started on 20 February 2020 and is managed by the UK Research and Innovation Agency (UKRI), which funds government research. It is a fast-track visa, with no cap on the number of suitably qualified persons that can apply, and no minimum salary requirements.

To apply for the UK Global Talent visa, you must work in a qualifying field, and meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Endorsed as a recognised leader (exceptional talent) or

2. Endorsed as an emerging leader (exceptional promise) or

3. Under the UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder option.

Benefits - Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent visa offers the following benefits to visa applicants:

Endorsing Bodies for a Global Talent Visa

At stage 1, one of the Endorsing Bodies will advise the Home Office whether you meet its eligibility criteria and have reached the appropriate level to be endorsed under the Global Talent visa. The Endorsing Bodies are:

Researchers Applying for a Global Talent Visa

There are four routes for eligible Academics and Researchers to obtain a Global Talent Visa Endorsement:

1. Academic and research appointments - fast-track endorsement for applicants who have accepted a position at an approved UK higher education institution or research institute with responsibility either for academic, research or innovation leadership and development, or for directing or leading an individual or team in a research or innovation project or programme of work. This route is administered by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society.

2. Individual fellowships - fast-track endorsement for applicants who have been awarded an individual fellowship on the list approved by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. The fellowship must be currently held or from the last 12 months.

3. Endorsed funders - fast-track endorsement for researchers and specialists whose name or job title is specified in a successful grant application from an endorsed funder approved by UKRI. To be eligible, researchers must be hosted or employed by an eligible institution approved by UKRI.

International academics and researchers wishing to work on COVID-19 related research grants can apply for a Global Talent visa through the endorsed funder route under relaxed criteria until 31 July 2021.

4. Peer review - standard endorsement for applicants who submit an application for full peer review by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering or Royal Society.

Application Process - Global Talent Visa

The Global talent visa involves a 2-stage application process:

1. Endorsement - Stage 1 - The endorsing body that you select will send its endorsement decision to the Home Office.

2. Apply for Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain - Stage 2. Applicants must meet the following conditions: Register with the Police, Not permitted access to Public Funds, Cannot be employed as a Professional Sportsperson, and can only Study pursuant to a number of restrictions.

3. Government Fees - To apply for the Global talent Visa UK, it costs £608. If Applicants are applying based on an endorsement, they will pay the £608 in two parts: £456 when applying for the endorsement and £152 when applying for the visa itself. The cost to include a Partner or Dependent children is £608 each.

4. Healthcare Surcharge - Applicants will have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application - this is usually £624 per year for each person applying.

5. Visa Processing Time - The visa decision is usually 3 weeks if you are outside the UK and 8 weeks if you are inside the UK. Note that you can get a faster decision if:

Validity Requirements for an Endorsement

To be valid, an application for Endorsement must meet the following requirements:

Tech Nation - Eligibility Criteria for an Endorsement

From the 1st December 2020, there will be a single mandatory criterion which was previously one of the Qualifying Criteria, regarding an applicant being a Leader or Potential Leader in the digital technology sector. The applicant will also be required to meet two of four optional criteria.

Exceptional Talent

An applicant evidencing Exceptional Talent must:

(a) Show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector; and

(b) Provide evidence of 2 of the following:

Exceptional Promise

An applicant evidencing Exceptional Promise must:

(a) Show they have been recognised as having the potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field; and

(b) Provide evidence of 2 of the following:

Document Checklist for Tech Nation Application

The following documents must be provided to Tech Nation:

Technical Skills for Tech Nation Endorsement

Technical applicants must demonstrate proven technical expertise with the latest technologies in building, using, deploying or exploiting a technology stack and building technical infrastructure. See examples of Technical skills below:

Costs And Processing Times

As at 17 March 2021, the fee for a Global Talent visa is £152 (or £97 for those from an EU country).

Each dependant family member must pay an additional £608. Additionally, there is a healthcare immigration surcharge of £624 per person per year and an endorsement fee of £456.

Applications are usually processed within three weeks if submitted from outside the UK or eight weeks if submitted in the UK.

Settlement in the UK

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