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Purpose of Global Talent Employer Sponsored

The stated purpose of the GTES are as follows:

Features - GTES Program

The main features of the GTES are:

Eligibilty Criteria - Global Talent Employer Sponsored

Employers - Established Business Stream

Applicant and Position Criteria - Established Business Stream and Start-Up Stream

Established Business Stream - GTES Program

The Established Business Stream is available for 'Accredited Sponsors' to enable them to employ cutting-edge employees, who can innovate in an Established Business and train and mentor Australians. The main features of the stream are as follows:

Start-Up Stream - Global Talent Employer Sponsored

The Start-Up Stream has the same Features as the Established Business Stream above, except for the following:

Tech Busineses that use GTES Program

Busineses using the GTES program to date, until May 2021, have primarily been Australian tech businesses, as well as multinationals with branches in Australia. These currently include:

Australian Tech Businesses
Australian MultiNational Companies

The Government works with Stakeholders to design and implement the GTES Program

The Industry Advisory Group is made up of industry experts from a variety of fields including startups, tech and biomedical sectors, as well as organisations representing businesses and universities all over Australia. Organisations represented on the IAG include:
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