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Entrepreneur Work Visa - New Zealand

Entrepreneur Work Visa New Zealand

Entrepreneur Work Visa - Eligibility Criteria

The Entrepreneur Work Visa allows you to work in your own business in New Zealand. See the visa eligibility criteria below:

1. Own a Business - You plan to buy or set up a business in New Zealand.

2. Visa Duration - The initial start-up visa is for 12 months, and then you can obtain an additional 24 months visa, once you have shown that you have set up your business. Therefore, you can work in your own business in NZ for up to 3 years, in total.

3. Investment Amount - You must invest a minimum of $100,000 NZD in your business.

4. Minimum Capital Investment Waiver - To request a waiver of the capital investment amount of less than $100,000 NZD, your business must be in Science, ICT or another high value export sector, and your business shows a high level of innovation or short-term growth prospects.

5. Points test - You need to pass the points test and are awarded points for:

  • Age
  • Capital investment amount
  • Business experience
  • Benefits of your business to New Zealand
  • Location of your business. If it is outside Auckland, you get more points.

6. Business Plan - You must provide a detailed Busines plan for the business you intend to own in NZ.

7. English ability - You have an acceptable level of English and have sat an English test months in any 12 month period (IELTS Overall score of 4.0 or more).

8. Character - You must be of good character, and provide police clearance certificates.

9. Health - You must be in good health and be prepared to provide a chest x ray and medical examination.

Business Plan

Your business plan must include the following information about your business that you will operate in New Zealand:

  • The Industry.

  • The Location.

  • Evidence in support of claims you made about your business in the points test.

  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to finance your business, and support any family who move to NZ with you.

  • Information regarding whether you will be setting up a new business or buying an existing business.

  • Evidence that you have business experience relevant to the proposed business.

  • Details of any NZ Occupational registration that you have, if required.

  • Financial forecasts.

  • Your business history, track record and character, including informatuon about any past bankruptcy, business failure, fraud or financial wrongdoing.

  • Details about the Business environment and market you will be working in.

  • Information explaining how your business will meet one of the business characteristics outlined in the Entrepreneur Work Policy objective.

Business Start-Up

Once you have been granted an Entrepreneur Work visa, you must start-up your business within 12 months. Towards the end of the 12 months start-up stage, you will need to show that you have met the following requirements:

  • Made the Capital investment - specified in your business plan. Evidence of investment can include bank statements and telegraphic transfers.

  • Taken reasonable steps to set-up or invest in the business - detailed in your business plan. Evidence of business investment can include, certificate of incorporation, audited accounts, tax records, Invoices and purchase or lease of business premises.

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