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VISACONNECT EDUCATION CONSULTING are Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (Number: I064), as listed online: and we have completed a course and assessment in Australian Education counselling.


Why Study In Australia ?

1. Multicultural society.

2. Safe Environment (low crime rates).

3. Australians are open, relaxed and friendly people.

4. Unique Climate and Environment - beaches, desert, outback, rainforests, reefs and snow fields. Study in a city or rural Education Institution.

5. English Speaking country - enables students to improve their english language proficiency while studying.

6. Australian Education Institutions have a prestigious international reputation for academic excellence, ranked as world's best, and world classs education. Wide variety of course subjects enables you to flexibly customise your qualification program.

7. Australian qualifications are recognised internationally, and are the equivalent of British qualifications.

8. Goverment regulations protect students by providing tuition and financial assurance.

9. Australia is an international leader in Student Support services eg. Student Advisers, Language tuition, Health counselling, On-arrival reception and orientation.

10. Students are allowed to work to supplement their income.

11. TAFE Institutes deliver Education and Practical Training courses that increase job opportunities and job prospects.

12. Value for Money - Some courses take less time to complete than in other countries.

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