China Visa Invitation Letter

China Business Visa Invitation Letter Assistance, in 2021

VisaConnect can provide a China Business Invitation Letter (Letter of Support) for business people who are unable to obtain it through their own channels. Our Invitation Letter is accepted at Chinese Consulates worldwide, and is required for the business visa application. Contact our Consultants for assistance with your China Invitation Letter. You can request an Invitation Letter for a Single, Double or Multiple entry Business visa.

The China Invitation Letter is processed in 24 hours. We email you the electronic Letter of Invitation for China for you to print out. This is the first step to getting a China visa. The second step is to submit your passport, application form, supporting documents and Letter of Invitation to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre or Consulate, in your city.

Note that this China Invitation Letter service is NOT available for citizens of the countries listed below. Therefore, Do NOT contact us. We cannot assist you:

China Invitation Letter

See a sample Invitation Letter and a China 'M' Business Visa Label below:

China Invitation Letter

China Business Visa

VisaConnect's Invitation Letter Assistance for Business or Tourist Visas

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