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Work Visa Australia Work Visa Australia

  • The Temporary business (long stay) Subclass 457 visa allows approved Australian or overseas employers to sponsor, on a temporary basis from 3 months - 4 years, overseas workers to work in Australia and fill skilled positions.

  • You must be eligible for any relevant licences or registration required for the nominated position. If you are sponsored by an Australian business, you can apply on our website for the electronic 457 visa.

  • Visaconnect's consultants are Registered Migration Agents who provide specialist assistance and advice with your visa application (NO VISA, NO FEE).

    For help with your application or if you prefer to apply on the phone, call our office on (+44) 0207 193 2327 or email us:

    To Apply for your Work-Visa - Enter your information in the secure form below and then click 'Add to Cart'. You will then return to the same page and you can enter another person's information in the same form or select a different visa. To remove an order or check your orders - click on 'View Cart'. Once you have completed all your visa applications, click on 'CHECKOUT' in the left navigation bar.


    Price:  £770.00  EUR  AUD

    Date of Birth


    Male Female

    Marital Status:

    I wish to work in Australia for period of 3 months - 4 yrs and:

    I have been sponsored by an Australian business and have been advised by my sponsor to apply for my visa
    I am a Doctor sponsored by an Australian business and have been advised by my sponsor to apply for my visa
    I have established a business in Australia as the holder of an independent executive visa and wish to apply for a second independent executive visa
    I will be a representative in Australia of a supplier of services that is located outside of Australia
    I have been recommended for entry to Australia by the Australia Minister for Foreign Affairs
    None of the above meet my situation

    Are you submitting this application from outside Australia?

    Yes No

    Are you known by any other names? (Names before marriage)

    No Yes

    Do you hold citizenship/nationality other than provided above?

    Yes (We need to contact you for details of your other Citizenships)

    Do you have Australian Visa Label in current/previous passport?

    Yes (We need to contact you to obtain the Visa Number)

    Do you plan to enter Hospital/Health Care Facility in Australia?

    Do you plan to work/attend a Pre-school-Aged Childcare Centre?

    No Yes

    Have you ever:

    Had or currently have Tuberculosis
    Been in contact with Person who had/has Tuberculosis
    Had a Chest X -Ray which showed an Abnormality

    Do you require assistance with mobility or care in Australia?

    No Yes

    Do you intend to perform medical procedures in Australia?

    No Yes

    Do you plan to incur medical costs/treatment/follow up for:

    Don't Expect to Incur Medical Costs in Australia
    Blood Disorder
    Heart Disease
    Hepatitis B or C
    HIV infection, including AIDS
    Kidney disease, including dialysis
    Liver disease
    Mental Illness
    Respiratory disease
    Any form of Surgery
    Any other health concerns

    (Previous Australian visas) - Have you ever:

    Held a visa for travel to Australia?
    Been refused an entry permit or visa to Australia?
    Had a visa cancelled?

    Are you:

    Currently awaiting a decision on another visa application (not including this application)?

    Have you ever been:

    No - I am of Good Character
    Convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)?
    Charged with an offence that is currently awaiting legal action?
    Acquitted of any criminal offence on the grounds of mental illness, insanity or unsoundness of mind?
    Removed or deported from any country (including Australia)?
    Forced to leave any country to avoid being removed or deported?
    Excluded from or asked to leave any country (including Australia)?
    Involved in the commission of, or committed war crimes or crimes against humanity or human rights?
    Involved in any activities that would represent a risk to Australian national security?
    Subject to any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or any public authority in Australia?
    Involved in any activity, or been convicted of any offence, relating to the illegal movement of people to any country (including Australia)?
    Serving in a military force or state-sponsored or private militia or undergone any military or paramilitary training, or been trained in weapons or explosives use (however described, other than in the course of compulsory national military service?

    Registered Migration Agents

    Medical Examination

    If you select YES to any of the questions above regarding your medical history or medical conditions or you intend to stay in Australia for more than 6 months, you may be required to undergo a medical examination, and/or a chest x-ray, and/or an HIV blood test, and/or an hepatitis B antigen blood test, and/or a hepatitis C antibody blood test as part of this application. If this is the case, we will let you know the process for undergoing medical examinations and where to attend the medical examinations.

    We accept the following credit and debit cards:

    We accept the following credit and debit cards: > Temporary Business Visa Australia

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