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Visa Eligibility Assessment Visa Eligibility Assessment

Our Immigration Advisers at Visaconnect provide you with an assessment of your visa eligibility, and we respond to your questions and queries. Also, we inform you about the Government fees, our fees, processing times, the English test and health and character requirements.

  • Visa Assessment for all temporary and permanent visa applications to Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

  • Visaconnect's advisers are Registered Migration Agents and qualified Lawyers who provide specialist assistance, with years of experience, so as to provide an accurate visa assessment for you.

  • For help with your visa or if you prefer to apply on the phone, call our office on (+44) 0207 193 2327 or email us:

    To Apply for a Visa Assessment - Enter your information in the secure form below and then click 'Add to Cart'. You will then return to the same page and you can enter another person's information in the same form for a 2nd Visa Assessment. To remove an order or check your orders - click on 'View Cart'. Once you have completed all your visa applications, click on 'CHECKOUT' in the left navigation bar.


    Price:  £60.00  USD  AUD

    Date of Birth


    Male Female

    What type of visa are you seeking advice about?

    Country you would like to migrate to or request Visa Information ?

    Marital Status:

    Are you a citizen of the country of passport?

    Yes No

    Have you ever worked in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom previously?

    No Yes

    Have you ever studied at an Educational Institution in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom previously?

    No Yes

    If you are in a De Facto relationship, and are sponsoring your partner or including your partner in the visa application, how long have you been in a relationship?

    Do you have a family member who will sponsor you?

    No Yes

    Are you known by any other names? (Names before marriage)

    No Yes

    Do you hold citizenship/nationality other than provided above?

    No Yes

    Do you have a family member travelling with you to Australia, NZ or the UK ?

    No Yes

    Are any of your children under 18 years travelling with you ?

    No Yes

    Do you intend to Study a course at an Educational Institution (School, College, University), in Australia, NZ or UK ?

    No Yes

    Are you in Good Health (No medical diseases or illnesses) ?

    Yes - I am in Excellent Health
    No - I have Health problems (illness or disease)

    Character - Do you or anyone included in your visa application have good character (No criminal convictions or charges) ?

    Yes - I am/We are of Good Character
    No - I am/We are not of Good Character

    Immigration Advisers

    We accept the following credit and debit cards:

    We accept the following credit and debit cards:
    E-Visa & Invitation > Visa Assessment

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