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Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation

Uzbekistan Invitation Letter (Visa Support Letter) for Tourist or Business Visa, prepared by Uzbekistan licensed Tour Operator, and approved by the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Approved visa support is telexed directly to the Embassy or Consulate in the country where you intend to obtain your visa. We provide you with a copy Letter of Invitation, which is accepted by the Uzbekistan Embassy.

The Tourist and Business Invitation Letters are usually processed in 7 - 10 working days. We email you the electronic Uzbekistan Invitation Letter. You can also apply for a Tourist or Business visa at any Uzbekistan Embassy, with the Invitation Letter, forms, and supporting documents.

To complete your application for an Invitation to Uzbekistan, please email us your Passport Biodata Information Page in digital format (JPEG or PNG format, less than 2mb), and an Employment Letter from your employer confirming your Employment and Position to:

To Apply for your Uzbekistan Invitation - Enter your information in the secure form below and select your Visa Type and preferred Processing time then click 'Add to Cart'. You will then return to the same page and you can enter another person's information in the same form or select a different visa. To remove an order or check your orders - click on 'View Cart'. Once you have completed all your visa applications, click on 'CHECKOUT' in the left navigation bar.


Price:  £185.00  USD  AUD

Date of Birth


Male Female

Marital Status


Have your Previously Visited Uzbekistan?


Type of Invitation

Tourist, Single Entry, 30 Days Stay (90 Days Validity)
Business, Single or Double Entry, 90 Days Stay, (6 Months Validity) - additional 160

Is your Passport Valid for at Least 6 Months from the date of arrival in Uzbekistan, with at least 1 blank page?


Do you require assistance in booking a TOUR (Cultural, Historic or Hiking) in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva or Tashkent?

No - I do not need a Tour
Yes - I Need a 1 Day Tour
Yes - I Need a 2 Day Tour
Yes - I Need a 7 Day Tour
Yes - I Need a 14 Day Tour

Do you require assistance in booking a Hotel in Uzbekistan? (Note that we can ONLY assist with the booking of 4 or 5 Star hotels).

Yes - I need a Hotel booking

Sample Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation

Sample Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation

Sample Uzbekistan Visa

Sample Uzbekistan Visa

We accept the following credit and debit cards:

We accept the following credit and debit cards:
E-Visa & Invitation > Uzbekistan - Invitation

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